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Published By jazel_juan on 2013-05-13 54 Views

It has been a week now since I got employed through odesk. It was never really planned. A friend of mine messaged me through sms and she told me she quit her offline job and got herself employed for an online job. 

It was surprising as I know that offline job she had payed her quite well and she traded it for an online job, therefore that online job must be paying her quite good, better even! I told her how she got herself into it, she said she was just referred. She was immediately accepted because her having call center job experience was a plus. She encouraged me to apply for an online job and I told her I have no idea how! She then told me few of her friends started out in odesk.com and from odesk the employers hired them permanently. 

That was something! I actually did register from odesk.com two years ago, I got confused with the lay out and most of the jobs I saw before were mostly for IT persons....and I was not that good with IT since most of the jobs previously were about layouting or programming.

But I did took my friend's advise and registed again on odesk.com. I saw that the layout was a lot more user friendly, the color is inviting and it was easy to navigate. It was a big change from the old one! In fact I love it. 

The site was helpful all in all, the steps were clear from registering, from answering their odesk test - which was like an initiation and it was pretty easy. And there was a hint so of course one will really pass. Then the job application process was easy too!

And for some reasons I got luckier, a few days after registering, I got hired! This was virtual assistant job and since I have no experience at all when it comes to this, i set my salary per hour rate low. I think this was just fair since I am no expert at all.

I was nervous during the skype interview but like I have said I got lucky because the employer was pretty nice and she was very helpful and patient. I got hired right then after! The whole experience was educational for me, I learned a lot in fact. I also learned how to adjust my time since I work from 8 in the evening, Philippine time to 4am! It was hard since I still have my offline job that is from 8in the morning till 5 in the afternoon!

My husband was quite supportive because he knows this is something we could do in the future. Plus the pay is good is one will work on this. I am looking forward in fact to another week of pay and another week of experience.

So yes, to those who want to do this kind of job, I would definitely recommend odesk.com. It is safe and secure too. They payment method is through paypal which I've used before from another online earning site.


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